Note: This show was presented as part of Mudfest 2019.

Mummy’s on the Wines Again, and Other Bedtime Stories is a new comedy written and performed by Harriet Wing and Lauren Bennett. Follow Harriet and Lauren as they navigate the increasingly confusing and confronting world of 2019 through their collection of Bedtime Stories. Through sketches, bits and Chardonnay, this dynamic duo explores the millennial/gen Z culture war, the horrors of modern interactions (here’s looking at you, Tinder) and the inevitability of turning into your parents. This show reflects on the importance of true friendship, in a way that is equal parts side-splitting and heart-warming. 


"It was better than I thought it was going to be, and I didn't think it would be bad".

Anon. Audience Member, 'Mummy's on the Wines, and Other Bedtime Stories'