We founded The Bechdel Club in May 2019 as a way for us to produce our own comedy, and with the goal to make space for ourselves in a male-dominated industry. Not only are we creative partners, but we are best friends, and have been inseparable since we met at The University of Melbourne in 2016. The Bechdel Club produces sketch comedy, with a focus on social commentary, drawing heavily from our own experiences as young women. Our first show 'Mummy's on the Wines Again, and Other Bedtime Stories' premiered as part of Mudfest 2019 to sold-out audiences, and we can't wait for to premiere our new show, FutureSketch/LoveSounds as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2020. Read more information about Harriet and Lauren below.



Making her start razzling and dazzling onstage at one of Melbourne’s obscenely well-funded private schools (Carey), she made her return to performing with The Bechdel Club in 2019. While out of the limelight she has been flexing those production team muscles, along with her signature vintage overalls. She always emerges from theatre bump ins paint-splattered and exhausted, but I cannot say I have ever seen her actually lift a perfectly manicured finger. Making her mark behind the scenes as a production design extraordinaire, she has left award winning sets in her wake in an array of Melbourne University productions. Though she likes to think she is above it, she is an UMMTA thot at heart, with a resume of musical theatre credits longer than a Sondheim number. In fact, she is the Treasurer of UMMTA in 2020, and is excited about that opportunity. Her finest theatrical moment was simulating a mass-shooting by accidentally triggering a machine gun sound effect during the curtain call of Chicago. Nice one, Haz. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality are ever-present in her work; whether it’s countless hours spent papier macheing a chair that will be onstage for a total of five minutes, or painstakingly painting detail onto flats to bring sets to life. Harriet has brought this stellar work ethic and level of crafts(wo)manship to The Bechdel Club. Her comedic timing, her enthusiasm, and her ability to churn out sketches at a dizzying pace has made it a joy to work with her. Doesn’t hurt that she’s the foxiest lady in Fountain Gate. I sure am one lucky purveyor of fine meat.

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Lauren Bennett is many things. A hopeless romantic, a wine enthusiast, a world citizen (ask her about her year abroad) and a pisces. If she were a Sex and the City character, she’d be a Charlotte, with a touch of Carrie thrown in for flavour. She’s also a SeRiOuS TraAinEd AcTor and has done lots of work with Four Letter Word Theatre and also interns with Lab Kelpie (flex). Lauren’s signature dish is Paprika Chicken, and I think this says a lot about her as a person. It’s a little basic (chicken) but with just the right amount of zest thrown in. It takes time to make, which suits Lauren, as she likes to take life on at a leisurely pace, and she does NOT like to be rushed, whether its in writing or getting ready. If a show starts on time it will be a miracle, as Lauren will likely be strutting around the dressing rooms in her comfort robe at 8pm when we are supposed to be on stage. Despite her time management issues, Lauren is the funniest person I know and there is not a single person on earth I would feel safe starting a company with except her. She’s also the most sentimental person I know, and is likely tearing up reading this already, so stop it you. Lauren is the Kel Knight to my Kath Day, and I am very proud of her, and everything she has - and will - achieve.

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